Body Treatment

Signature Relaxation Massage 60/90min $135/$180

Specialty relaxation massage using spa signature blend oil applied to the body to relax and release body tensions.

Deep Tissue Massage 60/90min $135/$180

This massage will approach your muscle and lymph directly.
It is effective especially before and after playing sports.

Hot Stone Massage 60/90min $140/$185

Healing experience carried to you by warmed stones and therapist’s hands.
It will help you to relax and ease tense muscles.

Pregnancy Massage 60min $135

Specialty body massage for expectant mother 17 weeks or more into pregnancy.
It enhances overall well-being.

Balancing Head Care (Cream) 60min $135

Specialty scalp cream applied to the head to relieve pressure using calming oils on the neck, shoulders, and arms to ease stress.
*We strongly encourage you to take a shower following your treatment to rinse off scalp cream.

Balancing Head Care (Dry) 60min $135

Perfect combination of dry scalp massage (no cream applied), neck, shoulders and arms massage using calming oil.

Refreshing Foot Care 60min $135

Refreshing treatment for foot and lower legs.
It stimulates blood circulation and relieves tired feet.

Spa Package

Ultimate Indulgence 180min $340

30min Aroma Bath + 30min Foot Massage + 90min Signature Relaxation Massage + 30min Body Wrap

Blissful Indulgence 150min $300

30min Foot Massage + 90min Signature Relaxation Massage + 30min Body Wrap

Premier Couple Escape 90min $340 for two

60min Signature Relaxation Massage + 30min Self-Heating Body Pack (Pair Room guaranteed)

Luxury Body Retreat 60/90min $140/$185

30/60min Signature Relaxation Massage + Choice of 30min Body Wrap or Scrub

Body & Head Fusion 90min $180

60min Signature Relaxation Massage + 30min Head Care (Dry)

Body & Foot Fusion 90min $180

60min Signature Relaxation Massage + 30min Foot Care

Body Scrub

Body Scrub cleanses the skin and stimulate blood circulation.
Pure Salt 30min $65
Rich Soy 30min $65
Vitamin 30min $65

Body Wrap

Body Wrap moisturizes the skin and provides nourishment.
Mud Mask 30min $65
Hydrating Mask 30min $65
Aloe Vera 30min $65

Add On

Head Care (Cream) 30min $65
Head Care (Dry) 30min $65
Foot Care 30min $65
Self-Heating Body Pack 30min $65
Aroma Bath 30min $65
Flower Bath 30min $65
Treatment Extension 30min $65