Body Massages

AYUALAM Relaxation 60/90min $120/$160

Specialty relaxation massage using spa signature blend oil applied to the body to relax and release body tensions.

Sports 60/90min $120/$160

This massage will approach your muscle and lymph directly.
With this massage, you can be refreshed right after the sports and it is also effective before you play sports.

Cream Bath 50min $100

Specialty scalp cream applied to the head to relieve pressure using calming oils on the neck, shoulders, and arms to ease stress.
*For your comfort and to prevent soiling your clothes, we strongly encourage you to take a shower following your treatment to rinse off any creams used during the treatment. Showers are available in the treatment room.

Maternity Care 60min $120

Specialty body massage for expectant mother.
It helps to relieve body tensions and improve sleep, boost mood and enhance over all well-being.

Foot Recovery 40min $60

Foot massage includes lower legs to improve blood circulation and relieves tired feet.
It is a good quick stress reliever.


Recopro Facial Signature 60/90min $130/$170

This massage leads to deep relaxation by treating the neck, shoulders and shoulder blades.
The 90min massage course includes foot and arm massage.

Recopro Facial Lift-up 60/90min $130/$170

This massage relaxes your muscles, fine texture and firms skin tone with using specialize facial machine.
The 90min massage includes a foot massage and arm massage. Recommended for face lift.

Ultimate Packages

Ultimate 200min $320

Flower Bath 20min + Relaxation Body Massage 90min + Dry Head Spa 30min + Facial 60min

Ultimate 180min $300

Relaxation Body Massage 90min + Dry Head Spa 30min + Facial 60min

Luxury Packages

Luxury Body 90min $150

Relaxation Body Massage 60min + Facial 30min

Luxury Head 90min $150

Relaxation Body Massage 60min + Dry Head Spa 30min

Luxury Food 90min $150

Relaxation Body Massage 60min + Foot Massage 30min

Premier Packages

Premier Couple Spa 90min (for two) $300

Clay Pack + Relaxation Massage + Head Scalp Massage
*Couple room guaranteed

Premier Total 120min $210

Clay Pack + Facial Massage + Relaxation Massage + Head Scalp Massage

Premier Facial 90min $180

Clay Pack + Facial Massage + Head Scalp Massage

Add Ons

Cream Bath 20min $50
Herb Tent 30min $30
Foot Massage 30min $50
Clay Pack 30min $40
Facial Massage 30min $50
Body Massage 30min $40
Cooling after sun burn (1 Area)25min $30
Flower Bath 20min $40 *Please make your reservation at least 24 hours in advance for the preparation of the flower bath.